Career Profile

I am a Data Scientist/ML Engineer currently working as an Engineering Manager at DataRobot. I have a background as a research scientist at the intersection of linguistics and neuroscience, and in contributing to open source projects such as Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Langchain, Pytorch-Optimizer.


ContagionNET - I led the modelling team for the award-winning ContagionNET project, forecasting and optimizing the efficacy of a rapid antigen testing apporach to combatting COVID-19.
DataRobot AI Apps - I was Data Science Competency Lead and eventually interim Team Lead for DataRobot's Automated Applications team.
MNE-Python - I am a core contributor to MNE-Python, a free and open analysis suite for EEG and MEG data in Python. I am primarily working on visualisation and statistics.

Key Scientific Publications

I have conducted research on the neural correlates of language processing, with a focus on methodological tools (statistics, machine learning, visualisation, signal processing). For more, see Google Scholar.

Jona Sassenhagen & Dejan Draschkow
Our surprisingly impactful paper on a common issue with an important nonparametric resampling-based statistical inference procedure.
Jona Sassenhagen, Matthias Schlesewsky & Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky
This paper is perhaps the first pre-registered basic neuroimaging paper. I have been interviewed by the incomparable Neuroskeptic over this.

Skills & Proficiency